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What is an abstract game ?

There are several ways to define an abstract game. The most famous of them are probably Checkers, Chess, Awale or GO. By abstract games we mean more precisely abstract strategy games, also called pure strategy games. Abstract games are games without hidden information and without random elements. In mathematics, such games are called combinatorial games.

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How to buy Mana, Hokito, Kamon or Pantarei online?

The games of the Cosmoludo-Games branch are not available on our website but are available on the websites of our partner stores. For example, in France, a "google search" on "Hokito game" will show you many sites where you can buy our games (trictrac, laregledujeu, espritdujeu, philibernet, milleetunjeux, etc.).

What is an abstract Cosmoludo game?

Concerning our abstract games, Claude Leroy in his interview to PhiliMag (January 2021) has perfectly defined the charter we try to follow and which can be summarized in a few principles: simple rules, involving no or very little chance, fast and dynamic games where one wrong move can quickly reverse your fortunes, a simple and elegant layout, and an affordable price.

What is the difference between Cosmoludo Games and Cosmoludo LAB?

Cosmoludo Games is a branch of Cosmoludo that deals exclusively with games for distribution. Cosmoludo LAB is another branch of Cosmoludo that deals exclusively with limited editions for the online store.

How do I know if my game matches your selection criteria?

Visit our CREATORS tab and consult our publishing policy and the selection criteria of the games we are looking for.