About us

Cosmoludo is a company (SAS) publishing abstract strategy games created in 2017. Our head office is located in France in the Gard (30).

We publish abstract games with simple rules and infinite combinations all in a simple and elegant design.

Our games


Cosmoludo GAMES offers Quality games at affordable prices and accessible to a varied and universal public.


A game of pure and intense strategy where you storm the opponent's towers to better multiply yours.


An interactive strategy game where you combine logic, finesse and reflection. Use the symbols and colours as a compass to guide your strategy or to get around the opponent's traps.


A virtuous strategy game with refined materials where getting captured can sometimes be the best plan of attack.


An unmissable strategy game, sober and elegant, with simple rules where combinations are infinite but no draw games are possible.


Cosmoludo LAB offers you a range of unique games produced in limited editions in eco-responsible materials and sold only via our E-Shop. Rare and precious objects that you will only find here.

Limited editions

In the heart of an electric Africa, two groups of dental birds compete for the market of five crocodiles.

On the fortieth day of the desert, the chosen traveler discovers the Lake of dreams.

In a China of the dark centuries, three clans of flying barons clash.

In a race to the star, three wise men leave to conquer the heart of the star.

PACKSHOT NOIR-10_edited.png

The pieces obey a circular hierarchy, so that, in absolute terms, none is the strongest.