(2 players, A and B, from 12 yo)





To tame Pantareï, the cosmic snake, you have to tie it 7 times around itself.



9 pieces of one color, 9 pieces of an other, and a neutral one.


On one side of 18 pieces, we can see 1, 2 or 3 streaks; the neutral piece has no streak at all.



You mix the 19 pieces, before turning them over on the streaked side, and lining them to form the waving body of the snake.


The player A choses a color; B will play first with the other color.



To be the first to complete a pile of 7.



B and A move in turn a piece of their color, toward their left or toward their right, by jumping from piece to piece:

* One jump, to land on a nearest piece, if you move a “1 streak” piece.

* Necessarily 2 jumps, if you move a “2 streaks” piece.

* Necessarily 3, if you move a 3 streaks piece.

Sometimes the piece lands on a piece of the same camp, sometimes on a piece of the other camp, blocking it while it stays on it.


When one of your pieces is on the top of a pile, either you move that upper piece, or you move the 2 upper pieces together (but never more than 2)

The neutral piece cannot move by itself, but you may land on it, then in an other move take it under one of your pieces.

Instead of moving, you can exchange 2 of your pieces; if they are on the top of a pile, the whole pile is exchanged ; but you cannot make a permutation if your opponent has just done it.


At the end of the game, if one player cannot move any more, he has to miss his turn as long as it is so.



So the winner is the first one to complete a pile of at least 7 pieces.

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