(2 players, A and B, from 12 yo)     



* 12 wooden slats.


* 24 pawns, coloured on one face.



to be the first to get 3 lines of 6 pawns.




You juxtapose the 12 slats in order to get a continuous playground , the long sides being parallel to you.


Then you line up at random 2 pawns, colors being visible, at the middle of each slat.



You have to move clockwise.


You draw, in turn 1, 2 or 3 pawns from a slat to lengthen a line on an other slat.

You display them in any order, close to the precedent pawns, as well on your side as on the opponent side.

You move :


- the pawn nearest to you toward the next slat.


​- the 2 pawns nearest to you toward 2 slats further


​- the 3 pawns nearest to you toward 3 slats further

shema règles-01.png
shema règles-02.png
shema règles-03.png

A slat cannot get more tham 2 pawns of the same colour : every move that would bring that is unallowed.


As soon as a slat is completely empty, you remove it from the board,.


When a move exceeds the last slate of the board, it goes on from the first slate.


If you cannot move any pawn according to the rules, you miss your turn as long as it is so

shema règles-04.png
shema règles-19.png



As soon as you have lined 6 pawns on the same slat, you remove any one of them , and place it in front of yoursel, out of the board.


You win the game if you are the first to get 3 pawns out of the board.

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