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Cosmoludo positions itself as an abstract strategy games publishing company. We publish original abstract games with simple rules and deep mechanisms, our design intends to be minimal and elegant.

We currently offer a range of five games,


KamonHokitoManaPantarei Yoxii


dedicated to distribution through the networks of our distributors partners.


Our games are CE and EAC certified.

Our marketing actions

Cosmoludo offers flexible solutions in line with the local market of our distributors. Our policy is to support the promotion of our games by participating in marketing actions in order to federate an ever-growing audience around our brand and our latest releases.

Are you interested in our games?

Contact us, we will be happy to get back to you with more informations.

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Our publishing line

  • Abstract games

  • 2 players

  • Strategy & brain teaser

  • Simple rules

  • Minimal & elegant design

  • Wooden material

  • Timeless mechanisms

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