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About us

Cosmoludo is a game publishing company created in 2019, specializing in the promotion of abstract strategy game authors. Cosmoludo is located in France in the Gard region.

What we do ?

Since 2017 we publish strategy games sold in stores in Europe and the United States. In 2021, we are launching an online store under the Cosmoludo-Lab banner that offers a range of games in limited series.

Our games

Our selection is made on games with the purest and most original mechanisms, games independent of fashion effects, timeless games. If you are a distributor, we will be happy to present you in detail our "Distributor Commercial Partnership" project.

Discover our limited editions

Exciting abstract games you won't find anywhere else.

In the heart of an electric Africa, two groups of dental birds compete for the market of five crocodiles.

On the fortieth day of the desert, the chosen traveler discovers the Lake of Songs.

In a race to the star, three wise men leave to conquer the heart of the star.

The pieces obey a circular hierarchy, so that, in absolute terms, none is the strongest.

In a China of the dark centuries, three clans of flying barons clash.