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Use your opponent's pieces to achieve a master stroke in this simple and fearsome alignment game where diagonals don't exist.

Line up 4 pieces of the same colour or the same symbol. No diagonals, no blocking. Move an X or O totem and place a piece of the same symbol right next to it. Read between the lines to get the one move ahead that will make all the difference. Very simple, very smart and very addictive!

Be the first player to line up 4 pieces of your colour or 4 pieces of the same symbol orthogonally. At each turn, you take 2 actions: move a totem of your choice (X or O) as many squares as you like, but always in the same row (horizontally or vertically), then place one of your pieces with the same symbol as the totem played, on a free square orthogonally around the totem's new position. You can only move a totem if you still have pieces of the same symbol in reserve, otherwise you will be forced to play the other totem. The most original aspect of Oxono is when a totem is completely surrounded. You can then play the totem over the surrounding pieces, and if you land on another encircled square, you can place your piece anywhere on the board. Note that you can use your opponent's colour to win by aligning symbols. The turnarounds are surprising for a game that lasts only 15 minutes and the replayability is maximum. The game feeling is very satisfying and the desire for revenge is immediate.

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