How to play

2, 3 or 4 players from 8 years old, +-10 minutes



On the fortieth day of the desert, the traveler discovers the Lake of Wishes. The Jinns of the Lake hire him as an architect to help them to build the Towers of Dreams. Whoever builds the most beautiful towers will win. A game of strategy where diplomacy and negotiation are used to support the spirit of conquest.


Every nights around the Lake of  Wishes lined with domes, four Jinns rebuild the towers of dreams on the reflection of the stars.


To earn as many points as possible by building the "Dream-towers".




- A board representing the Lake of Wishes.

- 32 Dome-pawns and four Jinn-tokens divided into 4 colors.


Each color includes :


- 2 Dome-pawns of strength 1.

- 2 Dome-pawns of strength 2.

- 2 Dome-pawns of strength 3.

- 2 Dome-pawns of strength 4.

- 1 Jinn-token.




- Randomly place all the Dome-pawns on the 32 stars around the lake.


- With 4 players, each player, counterclockwise, chooses a Jinns-token corresponding to the color they wants to play with.


- With 3 players, the un-chosen color will be played by all the other players as a complementary color, but the points of Dream-towers of whose fourth floor would be constituted by this color will be null.


- With two players, each player chooses two Jinn-tokens ; the players can then play either of these two chosen colors.


- Once the Jinn-tokens have all been chosen, the players place their tokens in front of them so that everyone can see which color the others are playing with.



- The game turns clockwise, starting with the last player to have chosen a Jinn-token.


- Each player in turn moves a Dome-pawn of the color(s) they controls, in one direction or the other, to overlap with another Jinn’s Dome-pawn.


- A Dome-pawn of strength 1 must be placed on the first free dome (alone or already stacked) in either direction.


- A Dome-pawn of strength 2 must land on the second free dome (alone or already stacked) in either direction.


- A Dome-pawn of strength 3 will necessarily land on the third free dome (alone or already stacked) in either direction.


- A Dome-pawn of strength 4 will necessarily land on the fourth free dome (alone or already stacked) in either direction.


- When moving, a player may move their Dome-pawn alone, or with the entire tower, or only part of the tower he controls on top. 




- A Dome-pawn can not become part of a Dream-tower if its color is already represented in the tower ; any move that would result in this is therefore forbidden.


- When making a move, the empty spaces between two Dome-pawns are not counted. These spaces will increase as the game progresses. It is therefore forbidden to place a Dome-pawn on an empty star.



A Dream-tower is composed of one Dome-pawn of each color.


When a player has just placed the fourth floor of a Dream-tower, they must immediately remove it from the game.


- With 2 players, they must place the tower in front of them.


- With 4 players, they must split the Dream-tower in two, and choose which part they will give to the player in front of them and which part they will keep for them.


- With 3 players, they gives their half to one of the other two players of their choice and keeps the other half for themselves.


There are therefore situations of common interest between certain players, which does not mean that they are definitely allies. At the end of the game, each player will count their points independently.




The game ends as soon as one of the players can no longer move when it is their turns.



- Each player then counts their points by multiplying the number of floors of their Dream-towers (or half-towers) by the strength of the Dome-pawn on top.


Example : 


- A tower of 4 floors with a Dome-pawn strength 3 gives 4 x 3 points to the player who controls it.


The other Dream-towers that still under construction on the board are also counted under the same principle.



- A tower of 2 with a Dome-pawn of strength 4 on top scores 2 x 4 points for the player who controls it. 


- A single Dome-pawn of strength 2 scores 2 points for the player who controls it, etc.


The player who scores the most points wins the game.

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