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Bruno Cathala


Tom Delahaye

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How to play ?


Goal of the game : There is 3 ways to win, either connect 2 edges of the board of the same color, create a loop with the hexagons of your color, or force the opponent to be unable to place any more pieces.


The player with the black hexagons starts on a square on the edge of the board except the corners. The player with the white hexagons then places one of their pieces either on a square with the same color or with the same symbol, as the one just played by the black pieces.

Each time you play, you must always place the golden hexagon on top of your piece to remind the constraints to follow on the next move. 

End of the game : Once a player has fulfill one of the 3 victory conditions, they win the game.

An accessible and interactive strategy game where you will take an ever-growing pleasure in combining logic, finesse and reflection. The ideal game to take a first step into the wonderful world of abstract games.

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