Because there  is no wrong questions.

What is an abstract game?

There is no single way to explain what an abstract game is, but here are some outlines: 👁A full information game, all elements are known to the players.
🧠No room for chance, reflection dominates
👥Most often only 2 players or 2 teams compete.
🔄The players take turns.
🏆The best strategy will always win unless there is a tie. Or cheating of course. The best known abstract games are probably Checkers, Chess, Awale or GO.

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Where can I buy Cosmoludo games?

All our games are available on our online shop. If you prefer to go to a shop, you will find the 4 games of our Cosmoludo Games range (Kamon- Hokito- Mana- Pantareï) in the shops of our partner distributors. 📍Find the nearest shop : in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Cosmoludo LAB games are only available through our online shop.

What is an abstract Cosmoludo game?

All our games have these common characteristics, which are dear to us: - a minimalist, sober and elegant design;
- simple and easy to understand rules;
- a great depth of play;
- infinite combinations;
- quick games (10 to 20 minutes);
- no or very little randomness;
- accessible to a wide audience (from 8 years old);
- an affordable price;
- guaranteed fun As you can see, whether you are an expert in strategy games or a beginner, our games will delight a large number of players.

What is the difference between Cosmoludo Games and Cosmoludo LAB?

Cosmoludo Games is our range dedicated to the general public, available through our distribution network. This range currently includes 4 games (Kamon, Hokito, Mana and Pantareï), and is available in all the good game shops of the Blackrockgames network in France and Geronimo in Belgium and the Netherlands. Cosmoludo-LAB is our range of games produced in limited editions, dedicated to fans of abstract games, but not only... A real springboard for authors and their hidden treasures. These games are exclusively available through our online shop.

How do I know if my game matches your selection criteria?

Visit our CREATORS tab and consult our publishing policy and the selection criteria of the games we are looking for.