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Four games available for the general public.

We are pleased to present our range of abstract games for two players.

Unique and powerful games by Claude Leroy and Bruno Cathala.


Our range of abstract games

2 players, from 8 yo, 15'

Latest addition to the Claude Leroy range of abstract games, the Hokito.

Catch your opponent’s towers. Build bridges and routes skipping over empty squares to meet your goal. The highest tower is not always the one with the highest score !

2 players, from 8 yo, 12'

Symbols and colours will help you to find various routes. To win, connect two opposite board edges, create a loop or stop the opponent.

Work out your strategy keeping in mind the "Kamon" specific moving rules.

2 players, from 8 yo, 25'

"Mana-bird" gives you the directions it is up to you to choose "Rônins" routes.

Create the best plan to capture the opponent’s Daïmio and win the game.

Giving up a Rônin can sometimes be the best angle of attack.

2 palyers, from 8 yo, 10'

Tame the large cosmic snake to win the game.

With the game going on, the snake body is getting smaller and choices are decreasing.

Stack and/or swap your pieces to find the best angle of attack.


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