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by Claude Leroy


Latest addition to the Claude Leroy range of abstract games, the Hokito.

Sharpen your tactical skills, catch your opponent’s towers and mind single pawns ! Build bridges and routes skipping over empty squares to meet your goal. The highest tower is not always the one with the highest score !

2 players, from 8 yo, 15'
2. Cover Hokito R.png

Our abstract Games


by Claude Leroy

2 players, from 8 yo, 25'

Mana-bird gives you the directions, it is up to you to choose the path of the Rônins. Work out your best plan to capture the opponent’s Daïmio and win the game. Giving up a Rônin can sometimes be the best angle of attack.

2. Cover Mana R.png

by Claude Leroy


Tame the large cosmic snake to win the game.

With the game going on, the snake body is getting smaller and choices are decreasing.

Stack and/or swap your pieces to find the best angle of attack.

2 players, from 8 yo, 10'
2. Cover Pantareï R.png
PACKSHOT NOIR-08_edited.png

by Claude Leroy

2 players, from 8 yo, 12'

In the heart of an electric Africa, 2 clans of "Dentist- birds" fight for the business of 5 crocodiles. Land your birds on the crocodiles to obtain the best combos.

Keep an eye on the next bird you will play.

PACKSHOT NOIR-12_edited.png

by Claude Leroy

2 to 4  players, from 8 yo, 14'


After a thousand and one nights, the lost traveller found the oasis of the Lake of dreams, ; some Djinns hire him as an architect to build the most beautiful dreams-towers.


Build the right towers to win the game. A game of strategy where diplomacy goes with spirit of conquest. 

PACKSHOT NOIR-13_edited.png

by Claude Leroy

2 to 3 players, from 8 yo, 13'


In a mythic ancient China, split into 36 fiefs, occupied by 3 clans of 12 Barons :

the blue, the green, the white.

A long war has started and only one of the Barons will become the Khan Tsin.

PACKSHOT NOIR-11_edited.png

by Claude Leroy

2 to 3 players, from 8 yo, 10'


Three wizards send their sacred geese to the next star, where are the magic wands which can decide "What will be the next colour of the sky?"

The third wand will be the last one 

Be tactical as you move along your wizard, and avoid getting stuck in a line that's too long

Our limited editions

Croco Rider
Khan Tsin

by Bruno Cathala

2 players, from 8 yo, 12'

Symbols and colours will help you to find various routes. To win, connect two opposite board edges, create a loop or stop the opponent.

Work out your strategy keeping in mind the "Kamon" specific moving rules.

2. Cover Kamon R.png
PACKSHOT NOIR-10_edited.png

by Claude Leroy

2  players, from 8 yo, 15'


Pieces adhere to the circle of life as they take each other and none is the strongest.

It could be sometimes advantageous to lose for a moment, and it happens that sacrificing some of your pieces leads to victory.

by Jérémy Partinico

2 players, from 8 yo, 12'

Move the totem to foil your opponent’s plans and close the right trap at the right time. You’ll quickly learn how to find attack positions and to defend yourself. 

2. Cover Yoxii R.png

by Jérémy Partinico


Use your opponent's pieces to achieve a master stroke in this simple and fearsome alignment game where diagonals don't exist.

2 players, from 8 yo, 12'
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