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Claude Leroy


Tom Delahaye

2. Cover Mana R.png

How to play ?


Goal of the game : Capture the opponent’s Daïmio.


Moves are made of 1, 2 or 3 squares depending on the value of the starting squares. It is the Mana-Bird that indicates the starting squares. You can only move the Daïmio and the Rônins that you control (of your color).


A captured Rônin is excluded from the board, but it may return if the Mana-Bird indicates a move that you cannot play.


End of the game : As soon as you capture the opponents Daïmio, you win the game.

Losing a piece can paradoxically turn into an advantage - but before capturing one, ask yourself if it is not a poisoned gift. A virtuous strategy game with refined materials. In this original game, you will play both against and with your opponent for your strategy to succeed. Have fun giving your brain a workout. In an abstract and poetic theme where getting captured can sometimes prove to be the best plan of attack. 

Point de vente Mana FR
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