Abstract strategy games with simple mechanisms that put a dose of adrenaline in your neurons

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The creators

At the very beginning there is a genius idea ... and a lot of  brainpower !

The design


Simple and elegant games that will stand the test of time.

The production

Depending on the game we produce, we work with local and international manufacturers.

The distribution


Our games are distributed in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In 2020, we published a range of two-player games. There are 4 games - Hokito, Kamon, Mana and Pantarei - aimed at the general public and fans of abstract games.


This range is distributed in stores under the Cosmoludo-Games brand and is available in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and soon in the rest of Europe.


In 2021, we are launching an online store under the Cosmoludo-Lab brand which offers a range of games with a minimalist design made in France in limited series. The goal is to allow unknown authors to publish games for the amateur public.


The games are produced according to the demand and feedback of the public.


Our selection is made on the games having the purest and most original concepts, games that will stand the test of time.

Tom Delahaye

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Delahaye

Sales & Logistic Manager

Claude Leroy

The creator of a thousand and one games. The inventor of Gyges. A living legend in the world of abstract games.

Bruno Cathala

One of the most prolific game creators of his time.
If creation were a science, we would call him Doctor.


Blue Orange

is our partner for logistic and export

Cool Planet.

About us

Cosmoludo is a company (SAS) publishing abstract strategy games created in 2017. Our head office is located in France in the Gard (30).

We publish abstract games with simple rules and infinite combinations all in a simple and elegant design.

Our Team

We are two partners that coordinate projects and internal work.


Several external partners/providers assist us in our production, our logistics and our communication on social networks.


The greatest care is taken to ensure that our achievements are optimal and qualitative so that our players enjoy them fully.

Our creators

Cosmoludo-Games has seized the opportunity to start its editions with two recognised creators, experienced and more lively than ever!

We are proud to have the chance and the pleasure to work daily with great and creative minds from all over the world.


At Cosmoludo, there's never a dull moment.

Our partners

We work with major players in the field of entertainment.

Cosmoludo is 3 in 1.
Learn more about us.