Abstract strategy games with simple mechanisms that put a dose of adrenaline in your neurons

About us ?


Cosmoludo (SAS) is a publishing company specialized in abstract strategy games, established in 2017. 

We publish abstract games with simple rules and infinite combinations, all in a minimal and elegant design.

Our publishing line is divided into two categories :


Range available in store through our distributors network and our online shop.

This range is dedicated to everyone, at affordable prices.

CE, AEC certified.

Limited editions available only through our online shop.

Minimalist and handcrafted, this range is dedicated to abstract games lovers, but not only... a real springboard for creators.


Tom Delahaye
Chief executive officer

Andrea Farkas.jpg

Andréa Farkas
Assistant & communication

Our creators

presentation claude15x15.jpg

Claude Leroy

The creator of a thousand and one games. The inventor of the infamous Gyges.

A living legend in the world of abstract games.


Bruno Cathala

One of the most prolific game creators of his time.

If creation was a science, we would call him Doctor.


Jeremy Partinico

Chess teacher, electro DJ and riddles inventor.

This young and talented creator from Toulouse hasn't finished to surprise us.