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Did you know, 2-player games are trendy these days?

That is one of the reasons why Cosmoludo was founded in March 2020 by Tom Delahaye. Cosmoludo is a board game publishing company, specializing in modern and accessible abstract strategy games, based in southern France.

Our mission?

Open the access to the universe of abstract games to a wider audience by offering a smart and universal publishing line. Even now, so-called "abstract" games are sometimes perceived as too difficult or niche games, like checkers or chess, to take some classic examples. But Cosmoludo aims to break down this cliché, by introducing something new. Thinking abstract games as moderns and dynamics, with very simple rules and short plays to develop people's mind in a fun way.

To make it work, we follow a specific publishing line:

  • Simple rules

  • Short games (15 min)

  • High replayability

  • Timeless and universal design

  • Quality components

  • Affordable prices


Our games needs no specific requirements, making them easy to play with anyone from the age of 8 years old.

Our range of games


Available in stores through our distributors networks in France and abroad.

Also available 


Limited editions, handcrafted and locally made in France. 

Only available through our online shop

The creators

To provide the smartest entertainment, we need the finest brains to work with.

Claude Leroy

presentation claude15x15.jpg

The creator of the infamous Gyges. A living legend in the world of abstract games.

Bruno Cathala


One of the most prolific game creator of his time. If creation was a science, we would call him doctor.

Jérémy Partinico

image0 (1).jpeg

Chess teacher, electro DJ and riddles inventor. This young and talented creator from Toulouse hasn't finished to surprise us.

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