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Are you a creator of abstract games ?

Cosmoludo is also a platform that brings abstract, unknown or unrecognised games to life through talented creators from all over the world. Some of our games are published in limited micro-series and prototype versions, that's the Cosmoludo-Lab branch.


Our goal is to bring more rarities to the abstract games public and to give a chance to all the productive creators we meet.


Please first send us the rules written in French or in English to the following address :


We will contact you to send a prototype if you are interested after reading the rules.

We are interested in what you do
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  • Simple rules that can be written in one and a half pages maximum.

  • Playing time between 5 and 35 minutes

  • Simple and limited materials. (We do not produce plastic parts)

  • Algorithm verified without flaws (we avoid games that end with repetitions).


  • Fast dynamics and precise game purpose.

  • There is no randomness in the mechanisms unless it involves a strategic dimension.

If you are a creator of abstract games, we suggest you contact us and send us some information about your game to better evaluate it. Name of the game, chosen theme, length of a game, number of players and a rule explaining the mechanisms to respect.


Professional or amateur, we are interested in your writing skills. If you have created an abstract game and it corresponds to the standards of our publishing policy - with a few exceptions - we will take an expert look at it to tell you more about the interest it arouses and the possible improvements to be made to the basic mechanisms. Check out the list of our selection criteria on the right.

You send us the rules and we'll take care of the design and everything else...

The Cosmoludo LAB project