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Let's bring your hidden treasures to light

A few rules to follow

If you are a games creator and if you do strategy games, you are in the right place.

Cosmoludo is a publishing company but not only... 


Our goal is also to make the widest audience discover the abstract games that are hidden in the closets of all the talented creators we meet on our way. We publish whether in large or limited editions.

You think your game is the next Cosmoludo release?

Please send us a presentation of your game with the rules.

If your game fits our publishing policy standards (see criteria on the right), we'll tell you more about the interest it arouses and the possible improvements to be made on the basic mechanisms if necessary.

In practice, you provide the mechanism, and we take care of the design and everything else.

stickers EXPORT-04.png
  • Simple rule (1 and a half page max).

  • Solo, 2 players, 2 players coop, 3 players +.

  • Playing time between 5 and 25 minutes max.

  • Simple board and components .

  • Verified algorithms.

  • Fast dynamics and precise game purpose.

  • No randomness in the mechanisms unless it involves a strategic dimension.

  • High replayability

  • Game depth.

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