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How to play

2 players from 8 years old, 3 - 20 minutes


Like Kangourous, pieces jump on each other to reach their goals.

OBJECT OF THE GAME               


To reach the goal on the opposite side.



- A wooden board game with 38 squares : 36 squares in the center of the board and 2 squares on the corners (the 2 squares on the corners are the goals).

-12 rings : 4 simple, 4 double and 4 triple.



- Both players choose side and settle behind their goal. 

- Each player takes 6 rings  (2 simple, 2 double and 2 triple)  and places them on the 2 first lines on squares in front of them (they can choose between 12 squares to install their 6 rings)



Players can only play the rings that are the nearest to them : 


- First they play the rings from their first line ; when there is no more rings to play on their first line, they must play the rings from their second line, and so on.

- It may happen that a player must play a ring that the opponent has (just) moved.


- The rings do not belong definitely to a player.


The rings jump from square to square in any direction, horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally).


- Simple rings do one jump, the double rings are jumping twice, and the triple rings jump 3 times in a row.

- The rings can end their moves on occupied or empty squares. They can reach an occupied square only at the last jump of their series. A simple ring can then immediately reach an occupied square. A double ring must jump once on empty squares before reaching an occupied square, and a triple ring must jump twice before it reaches an occupied square.

- Rings can not pass twice on a square within the same move.

When a ring reaches an occupied square, they can choose between « bouncing » the other ring, or « punching » it.

Bouncing = to rebound a new series of jumps :

- One jump if the ring in place is simple, 2 jumps (obligatory) if the ring in place is double, and 3 jumps (obligatory) if the ring in place is triple ; so, one bounce after another, it is possible to cross the playground to the opposite goal…

IMPORTANT : Rings can not retrace their steps, but it may happen that, during certain bouncing, a ring go through the same square as its previous move, if using a different path.

Punching = instead of bouncing on an other ring, a ring can punch a ring in place, meaning that the new ring takes the place on the ring it has just reached. In that case, the ring that has been punched is sent away to any free square on the board that is not beyond the nearest ring to the opponent.

A ring can punch another ring on its first series of moves, or further along, after it has done one or several bounces.


Punching a ring may extend your future possibilities of bouncing, and/or mess with the opponent’s strategy.



To access the goal square, the rings must reach the square on the last movement of their series.

Goals are terminals for the rings, therefore, it is forbidden to pass through a goal square as the other squares. The player can not access to the goals they are defending. 


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