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Bruno Cathala


Tom Delahaye

An interactive strategy game where you will take an ever-growing pleasure in combining logic, finesse and reflection. Use the symbols and colours as a compass to guide your strategy or get around the traps set by your opponents.

Kamonlivegame copie.jpg

To win, connect two edges of the board, circle or block your opponent. Develop your strategy within the constraints of the Kamons. 

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  Strengths of the game :  


  • Configuration of the board renewable at each game. 

  • 3 victory modes 

  • Strategic and fun 

  • Can be learned in a minute and played forever 


  • 1 magnet box 

  • 1 reconfigurable board 

  • 18 wood pawns (black) 

  • 18 wood pawns (white) 

  • 1 wood pawn (gold) 

  • 37 Kamons tokens 

  • 1 rulebook 

How to play ?

To win the game, there are three possible strategies, either be the first to connect 2 edges of the board of the same color, or create a loop with the hexagons of his color, or force the opponent to be unable to place any more pieces.


The player with the black hexagons starts on one of the squares on the edge of the board except the 6 (bicolor) corners. The player with the white hexagons then places one of his pieces either on a square with a Kamon of the same color or on a square with a Kamon of the same symbol as the one occupying the square just played by the black pieces.

With each move the golden hexagon is moved to remind the opposing player of the constraints he will have to respect for his next move. 

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Kamon's rules in 7 languages
Français, English, Deutsch, Italiano, Dutch, Español, Português.

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