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Jérémy Partinico


Tom Delahaye


How to play ?


Goal of the game : Line up 4 pieces of your color or 4 pieces of the same symbol.


At each turn, you take 2 actions : move a totem of your choice (X or O) as many squares as you like, but always in the same row (horizontally or vertically), then place one of your pieces with the same symbol as the totem played, on a free square orthogonally around the totem's new position. If a totem is completely surrounded, you can still play it by jumping over the surrounding pieces. If at this moment, you land on another totally surrounded square, you can place your piece anywhere on the board.

End of the game : The first player to align the 4th piece of a line (color or symbol) wins the game. The diagonal alignments does not count as a winning position.


Attention : Note that you can use your opponent's color to win by aligning symbols.

Read between the lines to get the one move ahead that will make all the difference. Very simple and very addictive!

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