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Claude Leroy


Tom Delahaye

Stack or swap your pieces to find the right angle of attack. The more the game goes, less choices you get. 

2. Cover Pantareï R.png


  Strengths of the game   

  • Minimalistic game

  • Easy to learn 

  • Quick to play​

  • Dynamic moves

  • Strategic depth

  • Easy to take away


  • 1 magnetic box 

  • 1 wooden pawns (gold) 

  • 9 wooden pawns (white) 

  • 9 wooden pawns (black) 

  • 1 rulebook

How to play ?

Goal of the game : Be the first player to place the 7th tile on a stack.


Move your tiles over other tiles and stacks. Moves are made of 1, 2 or 3 squares depending on the value of the top tile of the stack you are moving. When you control a stack, with a tile of your color at the top, you have the choice to move either the highest tile or the two highest tiles, never more.


Swap : Instead of moving your tiles, you can exchange the position of tiles and stacks under your control. Be careful, you are not allowed to swap directly after your opponent. 

The more the stacks increase in size, the rarer the paths to take become. Very simple, very fast... and very, very tricky...! An unmistakable strategy game, with simple and elegant rules where the combinations are infinite but there is always a winner.


Pantareï's rules in 9 languages
Français, English, Deutsch, Italiano, Dutch, Español, Português, Polska, Czech.


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