How to play

2 or 3 players from 8 years old, +-10 minutes


In a race to the star, three magicians release their five geese towards the heart of the closest star to bring them back the magic wands that will turn the sky in their favorite color. The third wand will be the right one. 

Be clever and cunning to make your magician move freely.




To get 3 wands with your magician.



- A game board, with a star in the center, joined by 9 tracks of bird-shaped squares.

- 18 pawns, divided into 3 colors.

Each color includes : 


- Two birds of strength 1 (one wing beat).

- Two birds of strength 2 (two wingbeats).

- One bird of strength 3 (three wingbeats).

- One magician (which accumulates the 3 possibilities of strength).

- 7 wands.




 - Each player chooses a magician, which will determine the color of their pawns.


- In a 3 players game, 7 wands must be placed beside the board

- In a 2 players game, only 5 wands must be placed beside the board.


- Three pawns of each color are placed on the nine squares closest to the edge of the board, followed by the remaining pawns on the second squares. The magicians must be placed on one of these second squares.


- In a two players game, the un-chosen color becomes "neutral"; the pawns are flipped face down on the board.



- Each player in turn plays a pawn of  their color that it is at the head of the line ; the piece makes a circular movement, clockwise or counterclockwise, to land on another track, where it will take the lead of the line it has just joined.


- A bird of strength 1 must join the nearest line, either to its right or left.

- A bird of strength 2 will join a line two tracks further to its right or left.

- A bird of strength 3, will join a line three tracks further, to his right or left.

- A magician has the choice between these three routes.


Empty tracks are not counted in the pawn’s moves. More the game evolve, more the empty spaces between the tracks are big.


A pawn can move alone, or take with it all or part of the pawns in its line, even if they are neutral or of the opponent's color ; the pawns taken along join the same line as their leading pawn, behind it and in the same order.




- An enclosed pawn in a line may not move on its own initiative.

- A line of pawns may not contain three pawns of the same color : any move that would lead to this result is forbidden.




- Instead of making a move, a player may swap one of its lead pawns with another pawn of its color, and this other pawn may then be enclosed ; this swap counts as a move ; players can not swap twice in a row. 


- If  a player has all their pawns enclosed, they passes their turn as long as this situation persists.



- Each time a player reaches the 6th square of a track with their magician, they reaches the heart of the star at the same time and they gets a magic wand.


- When players gets a wand, they must immediately split the winning line in half by replacing the 3 leading pawns on an empty track, the two first together on the same track and the third pawns on another empty track or a track with only 1 pawn ; during this replacement, he must enclose his magician.


- If a player reaches the 6th square of a runway with an bird, they does not get any wand but they still must replace the 3 leading pawn of the line according to the same principle.




The first player to get 3 magic wands wins the game.

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